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jelqing exercises for girth

Does Jelqing Actually Work In 2021?

Men who have a smaller penis size than the average length get disappointed at some point in time in their sex life which doesn’t function properly.

Size always matters when it comes to having a healthy relationship with your partner.

There are a number of men in the world who aren’t happy with their natural penis length and look for finding out ways for increasing their penis length.

One such way of doing so is by performing “Jelqing Exercises.” but does Jelqing Actually Work In 2018?

Let’s find out!

What is Jelqing & How Does It Work?

Jelqing exercises it worksJelqing exercises are a physical therapy done by a man to first boost blood flow to their penis and naturally increases its length.

It is the simplest exercises for a person who wants to increase the size of their penis, provided they do it in the right way and safely.

But for a person beginning to perform the Jelqing exercises, they need to first find out whether jelqing exercises really work and benefit the man in 2017.

Jelqing Exercises For Girth

Here is an excellent example of a jelqing exercise for increasing girth that you can do very easily from the comfort of your own home. 15 minutes a day is all it takes to see results.

jelqing exercise for increasing girth

Perform this exercise for 15 minutes a day

Results after performing Jelqing

Do not trust online photos:

There are a number of photos available online that show the increase of the penis length after performing jelqing and they show a drastic change.

Remember, that these photos are fake and in reality, the length of the penis doesn’t look so big.

The natural looking photos will be the real ones and you can expect your penis length to increase to that length.

Make Jelqing Work For You In 2017

Avoid Swelling

The larger looking images actually show a swelling which occurs if the person hasn’t done the exercise properly. So ignore all the photos, even the real ones and learn that you shouldn’t let it swell. Just do it in the right way and everything will be safe.

Stay Patient

Jelqing doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a lot of time and effort for the length of the penis to increase. Follow the weekly routine for the next 3-4 months and everything will be fine.

Drastic changes after performing the jelqing exercises can be seen after 6 months.

Results will vary

Results may also differ from person to person as every individual is different from the other. Do not worry about this as there may be something much more effective happening to your system than another male.

does jelqing actually work in 2016

So does Jelqing exercises actually work? We put it to the test

Jelqing exercises for girth

Before performing the jelqing exercise, the person should ensure to follow and take precaution with some of the following safety tips mentioned below.

This is for increasing their penis length at least up to 3 inches more.

1. Jelqing should never be performed when a person has a full erection.
2. The grip on the penis should be light and not too hard.
3. If the person starts to feel any kind of pain while performing the exercise, they need to stop it as they may be doing the exercise wrong.
4. Wrap a warm towel before and after every time a person performs the jelqing exercise.
5. Pressure on the penis should first be very light and then resort to normal pressure.

Jelqing is effective to perform if the person is doing it safely, it will provide them with the best results.


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