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How To Enlarge Your Penis Naturally At Home Free - Vigrx Plus Reviews Results & Coupon Code - Are They The Best Male Enhancement Pills On The Market For Length And Girth That Work Fast
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How to enlarge your penis naturally at home free

How To Enlarge Your Penis Naturally At Home Free

home made free penis enlargement technquesSo how can a man enlarge their penis naturally at their home for free?

Most of the men aren’t happy with their original penis size and they find discomfort in pleasuring their partner in bed.

They look for finding out newer ways of making the length of their penis longer.

They end up spending a lot of money for purchasing medication and visiting the doctor.

They even spend a lot of money by purchasing rare herbs in the market which are known for helping increase the size of their penis.

But one thing that men should try is ‘exercises’ to enlarge the penis. They are the best ways to enlarge the penis naturally at home for free.

What guys need to do is to first measure the length and girth of their penis both erect and flaccid.

They need to have the right lubrication with them, shave off their pubic hair, and do their warm up exercises by giving it a warm compress with the help of a towel and finally the warm down exercises by massaging it.

Free Ways To Enlarge Your Penis At Home

Kegel exercises for men combined with jelqing is one of the best free ways to increase the length and girth of the penis and a good way to reduce the possibility of premature ejaculation.

These exercises are very effective for increasing both the length and the girth of the penis. The person should first locate their PC muscle which is between the scrotum and anus.

It will be located well once the muscle has been tensed up. It can happen after urinating or even after getting an erection.

Kegel Exercises For Men – Step by Step

Step 1: Concentration and Relaxation:

This helps in increasing the blood flow to the penis once it is erect. More blood in the penis, the harder it gets. It doesn’t take a lot of time as it only involves contracting and relaxing of the PC muscle.

Mainly, more than 16 reps should be done and a total of 5 sets in a single day.

Step 2: Breathing and Contraction:

Here, the contraction of the PC muscle needs to be connected with breathing.

First, begin by relaxing and breathe out the air easily. Contract the PC muscle first and gradually increase the pressure till it cannot happen further.

Then hold your breath for 20 seconds and slowly begin releasing the muscle. Try to reach till the minute the next time.

Step 3: Climb the hill:

It helps in increasing the intensity of the PC muscle. Hold the muscle first gently for 5 seconds and increase pressure in every next contraction.

Step 4: Tidal Wave:

This begins by having a light contraction and gradually increasing its intensity. Hold each contraction for 30 seconds and do the exercise for 4 minutes.

Jelqing Exercises For Increasing Girth & Length

enlarge penis at home free

Jelqing Combined With Kegel Exercises Is The Best Way To Enlarge Your Penis At Home For Free!

1. Twirl Method:

First, make an OK sign with the thumb and forefinger of the left hand. Grasp the top of your penis and move it in left, right, up and down directions. Rotate it for at least 5 times first in clockwise and then in the anticlockwise direction.

2. Pull and Slap Method:

It begins in the same way like the twirl method, After holding the top of your penis and moving it in every direction, wait for 20 seconds and then the person should first slap their penis to their left hand 15 times and then to their right leg another 15 times.

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