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Vigrx Plus® Reviews Results [2018]

Vigrx Plus Review® – What Results Can You Expect? [2018]

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I Used VigRX Plus For 2 Months And Created This Review To Show You My Results.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years or mabey you havent done the research yet but there’s a male enhancement pill called VigRX Plus that’s helping the guys get some serious massive hardons – on demand. It works and works extremly well…

There was an old formula called (VigRX) that I use for my sexual throwdowns but I wanted to give you guys the lowdown on the new “plus” Vigrx formula VS the old one.

Before I show you my results, I’m going to talk about what this all natural male enhancement pill is about and how it actually works.

What Is Vigrx Plus®

VigRX Plus is a 100% all natural male enhancement pill for men.

The company that makes the VigRX Plus pill is Leading Edge Health.

It’s basically an upgrade of the old formula that used to be my go to pill for sex.

The old Vigrx Pill worked well but I wanted to see if the new VigRX Plus®

was any better…

The claims for results the company had were all based on 100% tried and true real clinical studies.

After using VigRX Plus for 84 days, the clinical participants noticed a move in:

    • 71% Increase In Overall Satisfaction
    • 47% Boosted Sex Drive,
    • 62% Saw they had the ability to keep an erection or stay hard when it counted in bed.
    • 61% Said They Had A Massive Increase In Sexual Desire

Vigrx Plus® Results Before & After Pictures


Vigrx Plus® Ingredients – The Magic Formula

vigrx plus ingredients

Damiana: A powerful natural herb thats been used for thousands of years to help promote blood flow and oxygen supply to the penis.

Epimedium Leaf Extract: (AKA Horny Goat Weed) – Helps increase the production of natural testosterone within the body which in turn increases libido and boosts sex drive.

Asian Red Ginseng: A herbal aphrodesiac who’s first recorded use was back in 3500 BC by China’s Emperor Shen-Nung who prescibed it as treatment for erectile dysfuntion.

Muira Pauma Bark: A root used by tribes of Brazil for thousands of years. They found it to be an extremly potent libido enhancer and boosted the sexual desire of the the men who took it regualrly.

Hawthorn Berry: Rich in antioxidants this berry will  help increase blood flow and the supply of oxygen to your penis & which will giver you longer lasting errections.

Catuaba Bark Extract: A herbal powerhouse found in South America used by men in Brazil and Peru to increase sexual desire. The 3 alkaloids found within the bark is a powerful mood enhancer that reduces that feeling of fatigue, improves sleep quality and will make you feel overall more calm.

Ginkgo Biloba: A Chinese herb used throught the ages that will help increase the flow of blood throughout the body. Increased blood helps result in more frequent and stronger erections!

Bioperine: Think of Bioperine as a sponge for your body that will help you ABSORB those vital vitamins & minerals FAR better. Bioperine will help your body absorb and assimilate up to 40% MORE of the other ingredients found in Vigrx Plus, less wasteage and more results for you.

Vigrx Plus® Results

The dosage for Vigrx Plus is 2 tablets a day so that’s what I took for 2 months.

Take these guys in the morning because that’s when they work best.

The Vigrs Plus pills will boost your energy levels BIG TIME!

TAKE 2 Pills every dayto get the best results possible!

First Month #1

To be honest. The first week not a lot happened with VigRX Plus…

No major changes worth reporting.

However after the second week my libido started to boost dramatically & my hard-ons started to improve BIG TIME. I couldn’t stop thinking about sex, that’s all I can say.

Energy levels were at an all time high and when my partner wanted I could go 3 times in one night instead of just 1 or 2 times.

Month #2 – Look Out!

Within the first week of the 2nd month the results started to come in to effect.

My erection size was far bigger and harder than before

My sex drive was on overload! (to the point where my GF at the time was asking me what was going on) I could cum whenever I wanted as often as I wanted and I could still keep going!

My sexual performance was clearly getting better…

Once you get past day 60, It’s all gold after that you can become the master of the bedroom.

Vigrx Plus® Real User Results

Vigrx Plus Pros

  • Clinically Proven – Vigrx Plus has been proven to work in real life clinical study making VigRX Plus a tried and true safe option for male enhancement.
  • Powerful Formula – The supplement contains some of the best male enhancement ingredients.
  • Excellent Results – It’s one of the best male enhancement pills that I’ve used so far.
  • 67 Day Money Back Guarantee – All orders come with a 67-day money back guarantee.


Vigrx Plus Cons


Vigrx Plus® Side Effects

If your worried about potential Vigrx Plus side effects there’s no need to be concerened. There are some but they they are minor and when compared to the side effects of pharmaceuticals like Viagra and Cialis Vigrx Plus is a very safe choice, and has even been recomended by the famouns Dr Steve Lamb as a safe male enhancment option.

That being said I have done some resaech and some users have reported the following minor Vigrx Plus side effects.

  • Some gastro intestinal issues such as bloating or nausea – make sure you drink plenty of water when you take the pills to facilitate absorbtion.
  • Highly rare reported cases of allergic reactions to the natural ingredients found in Vigrx Plus such as skin itchiness, dry mouth, or nausea.
  • Head aches. Reports I found were highly rare but somthing you should be aware of.

Vigrx Plus® How To Use


Vigrx Plus® Price

Vigrx Plus® Amazon

Where To Buy Vigrx Plus®

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