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Volume Pills® Discount Coupon Code & Review [2021] – Save 10% Off!

Volume Pills® Discount Coupon Code – Save 10% Off!

Save An Additional 10% Off When You Apply Our Exclusive Volume Pills Coupon Code At Checkout.

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How to Use Your Volume Pills Coupon Code

1: Click on the “Show Code” button above on the coupon

This will open a new tab that takes you to the official Volume Pills website.

2: Copy the code

Select and copy the code that is highlighted in green on this page (in place of the button after clicked)

3: Select you package and then enter the code at checkout 

4: Your 10% discount is now applied – enjoy your savings! 

Volume Pills® Discount Coupon Code – Save 10% Off!

Save An Additional 10% Off When You Apply Our Exclusive Volume Pills Coupon Code At Checkout.

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What are Volume Pills?

Volume Pills are a dietary supplement geared towards sexual health and reproductive well-being. People use Volume Pills to increase the volume of ejaculate, make orgasms more powerful and stimulating, and boost sex drive.

Volume Pills have become popular over the past few years because of their numerous purported sexual health benefits and relatively low side effects compared to some of the most commonly used sexual performance medicines on the market.

Is Volume Pills legit?

Yes, Volume Pills is a legit supplement made by a company that has manufactured it for over a decade. It’s made and sold by Leading Edge Health, a company that provides good customer service; you’ll easily be able to reach a human being who can help you with any issues while ordering or afterward.

Do Volume Pills work?

Based on our testing, interviews with customers, and analysis of clinical studies, we conclude that Volume Pills do work for many men. Specifically, they can significantly increase a man’s semen volume as well as improve sperm motility, sperm count, sexual function, and libido.

It also seems that Volume Pills are generally safe when taken as directed, though they are likely not suitable for everyone, particularly men with certain underlying health conditions like cardiovascular disease or psychiatric disorders; you should consult with your doctor to be sure there are no potential risks for you.

Ingredients in Volume Pills

Volume Pills rely on a combination of natural ingredients sourced from Europe, China, and South America. Most of these ingredients have been used for centuries and researched by scientists in numerous clinical trials that study their benefits and side effects. Some ingredients may be beneficial in this supplement by aiding in underlying conditions (such as diabetes) that might be causing male sexual performance problems. Other ingredients are less studied, however, and we believe more research is needed in order to establish their efficacy. Below are some notable ingredients.

4, 5, 7 TrihydroxyFlavone, or Apigenin, can promote improvements in a wide array of systems in our body, from circulation to cognition. Studies show that it has antioxidant properties, can help regulate hormones in the body, protects cardiovascular health, and may help fend off diabetes and arthritis.

Xian mao
Xian mao (or curculigo orchioides) is an ancient aphrodisiac that has been historically used to improve sexual well-being. Animal studies conclude that the ancients were on to something; xian mao noticeably increased sex drive and erection strength.

Zinc gluconate
Zinc is a trace mineral element in the body that studies conclude is essential for the optimal functioning of the male reproductive system. As part of the Zinc gluconate compound, Zinc improves sperm production, motility, and function. Animal studies also show that it positively affects sex drive and sexual performance.

Dong chong xia cao
Dong chong xia cao (Cordyceps militaris) is a fungal ingredient that has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Lab studies conclude that sperm quality and quantity significantly improved after several weeks of use, and serum testosterone levels significantly increased.

Solidilin is an increasingly popular ingredient in male-enhancement pills and functions to increase the motivation for intercourse. Aside from enhancing libido, it also contains l-dopa, which stimulates dopamine production in the body. The increase in dopamine caused by Solidilin leads to an improvement in post-coital satisfaction. In our opinion, though, Solidilin is not sufficiently studied; more clinical research is needed.

Drilizen, like Solidilin, is a common component of numerous sexual supplements though also not studied enough yet to fully assess efficacy and safety. It works to increase the release of nitric oxide (a natural vasodilator in blood vessels) which leads to improved blood flow to the penis. It also relaxes the spongy tissue in the penis to make it more receptive to the enhanced flow of blood, leading to improved erections. Drilizen also triggers the body to release luteinizing hormone, an important hormone in the regulation of testosterone.

Emblica officinalis
Emblica officinalis, commonly known as Indian gooseberry or Amla fruit, has been used for hundreds of years in herbal and Ayurvedic medicine to improve cardiac, neural, and sexual health. Laboratory studies indicate it may indeed enhance sexual function, fertility, and libido.

Fucus vesiculosus (bladderwrack)
Also known as sea oak, this ingredient is proven to help regulate metabolism and lower a person’s insulin levels.

Tian men dong
Tian men dong is an ingredient derived from asparagus root. Laboratory studies on animals conclude that it helps in stimulating sexual desire and improving erections and sexual function overall, particularly when diabetes is an underlying factor.

Reishi mushroom
Reishi mushroom, also known as Lingzhi, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years for its multiple health benefits. Notably, studies suggest it has protective and restorative properties, boosting energy and strengthening the immune system.

How much do Volume Pills cost?

With Volume Pills, you’ll enjoy discounts if you order larger quantities of the supplement. Since results become clearer usually after several weeks, buying more than a month’s supply makes sense at the outset. We’d recommend starting with a 3-month supply if you choose to try it. You can always get your money back in full if you’re dissatisfied after one or two months. In addition, you can get an additional 10% off your purchase using our coupon code.

1-month supply: $66 ($56 with our discount)
2-month supply: $111 ($94 with our discount)
3-month supply: $161 ($137 with our discount)
6-month supply: $251 ($213 with our discount)
12-month supply: $349 ($297 with our discount)

Where to buy Volume Pill

The best place to buy Volume Pills is on its official website directly from the manufacturer, Leading Edge Health; they offer a protective 67-day money-back guarantee, so you can rest assured that if for any reason Volume Pills doesn’t work for you, you get your money back.

If you purchase a 3-month supply or larger, you’ll get free shipping globally.

Who should use Volume Pills?

Volume Pills can be used by men to enhance sexual performance and optimize sexual well-being. Longer-lasting erections, more intense orgasms, and voluminous semen are the common outcomes of the pills.

Men who are struggling with infertility may benefit from the use of Volume Pills. Infertility in men is a common cause of the inability of couples to have children.

Male infertility is a complex web of various possible underlying causes, including sperm production, shape, count, motility (movement), and more. Volume Pills aim to increase the volume of the ejaculate and lead to higher sperm count as well as better sperm function, which in turn could improve the chances of pregnancy.

Who can’t take Volume Pills?

These pills should not be taken by men under 18, men with existing health conditions, or those with allergies to any ingredient within the Volume Pills.

As with all health supplements, it’s a good idea to talk with your doctor at the outset.

Side effects of Volume Pills

At Public Safety Academy, we are under no illusion that “natural” means “safe”; plenty of natural substances are harmful to people. So the marketing of Volume Pills and other supplements doesn’t compel us. What does compel us is data.

Most of the ingredients in Volume Pills have been studied in clinical trials and were found to be generally safe for most people. However, a couple of the ingredients — which are common in sexual performance supplements — are in our opinion insufficiently studied and require more careful clinical scrutiny before people fully understand the effects and declare them to be totally safe.

Many people do not seem to experience any side effects from the ingredients in Volume Pills, though side effects are possible. When they occur, these may include dizziness, blood pressure changes, elevated heart rate, and sour stomach.

Volume Pills reviews from customers

We spoke with customers who had been using Volume Pills for various spans of time, from three months on the low end to over a year on the upper end. Customers remain anonymous to protect their privacy. Except where indicated, their experiences were generally similar to what our testers experienced.

Increased ejaculate volume

One of the most noticeable benefits of using these pills was an increase in the volume of the ejaculate after intercourse. For some men, semen volume seemed nearly doubled after the first month of taking the supplement, while it took more like 2-3 months for other men to notice a very substantial increase.

Faster arousal

Alongside an increase in semen quantity, the majority of customers with whom we spoke — as well as our own testers — reported increased libido in the form of faster erections and greater motivation for sex. As with the increase in the volume of semen, this effect became noticeable after different amounts of time taking Volume Pills.

Stronger and longer-lasting erections

About half of our testers noticed that erections were not only forming faster but also lasting significantly longer and in greater strength. (Some men felt that their sexual stamina had significantly improved.) This was an outcome felt more often among customers than among our testers, possibly due to using the supplement for a longer time.

Increased girth?

A few long-time customers felt that the supplement increased the girth of their erections. While this could conceivably be an effect of improved blood flow (Volume Pills contains ingredients that promote healthy blood flow to the penis), our testers did not report noticing this effect.

Stronger orgasms

Nearly all felt that they had stronger, more gratifying orgasms while taking Volume Pills. Some men assumed that this was because of the larger volume of ejaculate.


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